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An initiative to drive gender-balance on corporate boards.

The Pathway20 initiative was established by Aurora50 to increase female representation on corporate governing boards, through a unique ecosystem approach. We collaborate with leading organisations to strengthen the pipeline of experienced and talented female directors.

The initiative is designed to provide a pathway for women to gain experience to, as well as support during, their first board appointment thereby accelerating the development of a board career.

The approach creates tangible change by increasing the pool of experienced and competent female board directors and educating women on building a board level career.


For Organisations

There is huge opportunity in gender parity, which is why investors, regulators and boards are pushing to achieve greater gender-balance. 

We can help your organisation develop a merit-based approach to gender balance, and build greater resilience and sustainable performance.

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For Future Directors

The Pathway20 initiative uses an ecosystem approach to increase female representation at the board level, and accelerate purposeful and successful board careers for newly appointed board women. 

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