Frequently Asked Questions

Women can be independently nominated, or nominated by their organisations. Potential candidates are then assessed by our knowledge partners and a selection is made. We will tell you how many women need to be nominated based on the number of women you would like to formally register for the programme.

Yes, we are driving change by working together as a community. If you are unable to provide your female talent with board-level experience but have strong talent we can provide suitable opportunities for these women to gain experience. Please contact us to discuss this in more detail.

Yes, we support companies/organisations who want to drive change. We understand that every company is at a different stage in the journey and so we provide options to support the development of C-suite talent and board-level women.

Great! We would love to speak to you to discuss opportunities to mentor or speak at our training courses or workshops.

If you would like to advance the mission of gender-balanced boards, you can also sponsor a talented, competent woman from outside of your organisation to participate in the Pathway20 development programme. Please contact us to discuss opportunities.

Yes, we are matchmaking boards with talent from companies unable to provide this experience. Please contact us to discuss in more detail.