In the UAE , if women’s participation  were to fully matched men’s, the nation’s GDP can gain a further 16 per cent by 2025, equalling to an overall gain of $101 billion, or $10,985 per person. 

There is huge opportunity in gender parity; it is not just a ‘nice’ or ‘right’ thing to do. This is why investors, regulators and boards are pushing to achieve greater gender-balance. 

Aurora50 can help your organisation develop a merit-based approach to gender balance, and build greater resilience and sustainable performance. 

A diverse and well-composed board can bring a breadth of experience and thinking that can lead to more robust decision making and a more profitable bottom-line. Aurora50 we can help match your company with suitable candidates from a growing pool of talented board-ready women.

The Pathway20 initiative is a tremendous resource for organisations interested in curating a talent pipeline of capable and knowledgeable women to assume senior executive leadership and board director roles.

As a forward thinking organisation, you can push the gender-diversity agenda further and help grow the pipeline of competent female board directors by sponsoring a candidate to participate in the Pathway20 development programme.