A 2020 report, for companies listed on the Australian Stock Exchange, found an increase of 10% in female representation on boards led to a 6% increase in the likelihood of that company outperforming its sector on three or more performance and profitability metrics. 

A diverse and well-composed board can bring a breadth of experience and thinking that can drive internal innovation, greater consumer understanding, talent recruitment and retention.  Furthermore, under conditions of complexity and disruption, diversity drives resilience. 

Diversity of thought leads to robust decisions and this ultimately drives greater performance, which is why investors, regulators and boards themselves are pushing to achieve greater gender balance. Women directors can bring in different skills and competencies, and provide insights representative of a wider employee or customer base thus resulting in more holistic board perspectives.  

Aurora50 can help match your company with suitable candidates from a growing database of board ready women, all of who have been vetted and trained through the Pathway20 annual development programme.  If your organisation is interested in the benefits of a gender-balanced board, wishes to discuss board placement opportunities, or access our pool of talented women, please get in touch with us for a conversation. 

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